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We have a professional design team and product development team. At every step of the process, we will have a professional quality monitoring team to monitor the quality of the product at any time, ensuring the reliability of the product and letting you rest assured.

After 7 steps, we can realize your idea into a silicone mold; then, we will make a silicone product that meets your needs based on the mold.

Overview of the production process of silica gel:

The customer provides the sample ID, starts the appearance structure design with the ID, and issues 3D drawings for customer confirmation;

The product graphics are OK to start 3D drawing programming, the programming file program is input to the CNC equipment, and the mold steel is processed by the CNC grinder. After the semi-finished product is completed, the detailed surface of the spark machine is carved. After the mold is carved, the mold is matched and closed, and the silicone mold is completed;

The finished silicone mold is loaded into the silicone vulcanization hydraulic molding machine, the mold is installed, the hardness of the material is adjusted, the color is adjusted, and the mixed rubber is put into the mold for molding and high temperature vulcanization;

Silicone product molding

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