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Product advantages and standard testing
Resistant to high and low temperatures

It has a wide temperature tolerance range and is often used for silica gel with special performance requirements. This type of silica gel can be customized according to customer needs

Environmentally friendly, soft and skin-friendly

The silicone material has no impact on environmental protection and safety after treatment;
The material is soft, suitable for use, and can achieve sealing and cushioning effects;
No harmful substances will be generated during daily use, and it can be used in long-term contact with the skin.

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Company Manufacturing advantage

Cooperation comes from trust in quality

The company independently develops molds to ensure product cycle while reducing more intermediate costs, thereby maximizing the benefits to customers.

Production digital operation, precision meets your needs.

Through the efforts of the design and technical team, our products have passed various safety inspections, so that the products can be used in various kitchen supplies, jewelry and gift industries, cosmetics and beauty salons, dental medical equipment, maternal and child products, etc.

Advantages of silicone material

In terms of extraction, although plastic and PVC are cheap, these two materials are refined from petroleum, and plasticizers are produced during the refining process, and plasticizers exceeding the standard are toxic; as silica gel, it is DMC sandstone water Refining, there is no plasticizer in the refining process.

Compared with plastic and pvc materials, the chemical properties of silica gel are more stable, durable, and have the advantages of being degradable; Meishun products are approved for food grade, anti-allergic approval, and medical grade approval!


Advantages of silicone material


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